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    Upcoming Courses

  •  Course Name: Baby Yoga
  •  Date starting: 06/11/2014

  •  Course Name: Fitmix
  •  Date starting: 06/11/2014

  •  Course Name: Step bootcamp
  •  Date starting: 10/11/2014

  •  Course Name: Baby Massage
  •  Date starting: 14/11/2014

  •  Course Name: Stretch 'n Tone
  •  Date starting: 19/11/2014

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Mum & Baby Yoga classes introduce a balance between stretching and relaxing sequences with your baby to fun songs and rhymes to co-ordinate the movements. The nurturing tactile stimulation which takes place during the class with your baby helps to contribute to the development of your baby's brain and nervous system and encourages the development of posture, balance, flexibility and tone. The various techniques used also help to relieve bouts of colic, wind and gas.

These classes also include gentle hatha (breathe) based yoga for Mum to help promote toning of the pelvic and back muscles through stretches, postures, holding and movement of your baby and breathing techniques. Classes encourage parents to establish eye contact as much as possible with their baby giving you the opportunity to spend quality time bonding with your baby in a fun and relaxing environment. It has been proven that babies who receive nurturing touch through holding, massage and other forms of loving physical contact, gain weight faster, are calmer and have better intellectual and motor development. Previous experience in Yoga is not required as the Hatha yoga stretches used are all very gentle and at a beginners level.

When: Thursday Mornings
Time: 10am (1 1/5 hour class) includes a cup of tea/coffee and friendly chat after class
Where: Ballyowen Castle Community Centre, Ballyowen Lane, Lucan
Cost: Eur45 for 5 weeks or Eur10 pay as you go
New Term: Starting 9th October
Contact: Michelle Casey 0861628746
Birthlight Baby Yoga Instructor

Contact: Michelle Casey                       Phone: 086 1628746                  Email: michelle@mumandme.ie